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Wood Grain Decoration
With Horizon Technology

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PVC Decoration - Horizon Technology

We provide PVC decorative services for many industries. Our revolutionary Heatless Horizon Technology can coat surfaces with UV resistant inks and unmatched wood grain realism. Applications include:

  • PVC fences and railings

  • PVC windows and doors

  • PVC benches, tables etc.

  • Composite decks and docks

  • PVC suspended ceiling tiles

  • Interior and exterior PVC shutters

  • Picture frames and store fixtures

  • Custom designs


About Decoral System

Decoral System has been active in the USA since 2004 and is the exclusive distributor in North America of VIV group, an Italian leader in the supply of decorative finishes for the past 30 years.

Starting from the primary manufacturing facility in Verona, Italy, the company has grown to include more than 400 plants and distributors in sixty-plus countries: from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Africa and across North and South America. 

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Stefano and Sara did a tremendous job assisting us with our PVC decoration needs. The technology is amazing and the quality is even more impressive.
— Ontario Customer

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The people at Decoral System are dedicated to providing products of a higher caliber. From technological innovation to quality control, our staff is driven by the emerging trends in a fast-paced industry. We have highly-trained experts working hard to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible – both in coating technology and in production innovation. The result is a range of design options that differentiate your product and help you stay ahead of market trends.


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